Getting the source code

Jetty’s source is maintained on GitHub at, where it is managed by the Eclipse Foundation.

You can clone a copy of the Jetty repo onto your local machine by running:

git clone

Related repositories

In addition to the Jetty code repository, we maintain a number of related repositories:

Non-Eclipse Jetty Repositories

Build Toolchain

Version branches

If you plan to work on a specific issue within Jetty, make sure to target the correct branch for your pull request.

Active Jetty branches

|== | jetty-12.0.x | Development (default branch) | Servlet 6.0 | Java 17+ | jetty-11.0.x | Maintenance | Servlet 5.0 | Java 11+ | jetty-10.0.x | Maintenance | Servlet 4.0 | Java 11+ | jetty-9.4.x | End of Community Support | Servlet 3.1 | Java 8+ |==

Maintenance branches are periodically merged into active development branches.

Older branches are only updated if they get specifically targeted by a pull request. Also, changes to older branches aren’t regularly merged forward — although an individual change may be cherry-picked forward, depending on the nature of the fix.