Jetty 11 Programming Guide

The Eclipse Jetty Programming Guide targets developers who want to use the Eclipse Jetty libraries in their applications.

The Eclipse Jetty libraries provide the client-side and server-side APIs to work with various web protocols such as HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, HTTP/3, WebSocket and FastCGI.

You may use the Eclipse Jetty client-side library in your application to make calls to third party REST services, or to other REST microservices in your system.

Likewise, you may use the Eclipse Jetty server-side library to quickly create an HTTP or REST service without having to create a web application archive file (a *.war file) and without having to deploy it a Jetty standalone server that you would have to download and install.

This guide will walk you through the design of the Eclipse Jetty libraries and how to use its classes to write your applications.